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This page shows the status of our main server systems and the services they provide.

Most of our clients are on the Windows server but we also have a cluster of Linux servers with various IP addresses. If you are on one of the Linux servers and would like your site added to the status page please let us know.

The monitor runs every 10 minutes. This page will auto-refresh every 60 seconds.

Click on a server name for uptime statistics.

Further notes and comments about problems or outages may be found here.

25-Oct-2014 07:42 UTC
Server status
Server HTTP  MSSQL  FTP  DNS  POP3  MYSQL  IMAP  Time Since Update
LinuxOKN/ANOT OKN/AN/AN/AN/A 1 min 46 secs
Linux MailN/AN/AN/AN/AOKN/AOK 1 min 46 secs
Linux MySQLN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ANOT OKN/A 1 min 46 secs
NS1N/AN/AN/AOKN/AN/AN/A 1 min 46 secs
NS2N/AN/AN/AOKN/AN/AN/A 1 min 46 secs
NS3N/AN/AN/AOKN/AN/AN/A 1 min 46 secs
NS4N/AN/AN/ANOT OKN/AN/AN/A 1 min 46 secs
NS5N/AN/AN/AOKN/AN/AN/A 1 min 46 secs
WindowsOKOKOKN/AOKOKOK 1 min 46 secs
ok  OK - Service up
Problem  Down - Service down
N/A  N/A - Service not monitored

Statusmon v.1.3 Uptime and service monitoring script

If you have any queries or problems with our service please contact us here or email
support <at>