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17-Sep-2021 1720 EMAIL
Our Windows server is now returning to normal after a fault affecting incoming email. We know that some incoming email has bounced while we took the server offline to repair it, but all other email is now in the process of spooling out for delivery.
15-Sep-2021 1000

Our suppliers assure us that they are continuing to work hard to fix this outage but at the moment they are unable to give us an estimated time to fix.

This has been our first major outage for over 4 years and we do understand the inconvenience these problems can cause.

Users whose sites are hosted on our Linux server are unaffected.

13-Sep-2021 1000

We sincerely apologise for the problem with our Windows server which is currently affecting incoming email.

If you have any queries or problems with our service please contact us here or email
support <at>